Doug Mastriano and Jake Corman aren’t even in the race yet, but that isn’t stopping them from attacking each other as the desperate infighting escalates among the far-right field obsessed with Donald Trump.

PENNSYLVANIA — The crowded far-right PA-Gov primary is becoming increasingly ugly, with infighting escalating among the candidates desperate to prove their allegiance to Donald Trump and his MAGA base — all at the expense of Pennsylvanians. 

As the “Super MAGA” primary continues to grow — now including a dozen prospective candidates — Doug Mastriano and Jake Corman are going all-in to prove their loyalty to Donald Trump — even if that means attacking each other and standing by policies that hurt working families.

In a recent radio interview, Doug Mastriano attacked Corman for traveling to Washington, D.C. to pitch his gubernatorial plans, saying, “I’ll remind people that Jake Corman managed, during a session week, to go to Washington, D.C. to woo the Congressional delegation. But at the same token, he was unable to go to Arizona [to visit the sham audit].” 

Mastriano also had harsh criticism for Corman’s sham fraudit saying, “He was too busy to go to the White House in December and see Donald Trump. He was too busy to come to the Gettysburg hearing on November 25th. But when it’s about himself, self promotion and his self advancement, he’s got plenty of time to do that.”

As if Mastriano’s feelings of Corman weren’t already clear, he goes on about Corman’s self-serving nature, saying Corman kneecapped his potential opponents in order to position himself for a gubernatorial run. Corman not only removed Mastriano from the audit, but he also reassigned his staffers — a move Mastriano strongly criticized at the time.

While attacking each other over Donald Trump is nothing new for these candidates, Doug Mastriano is clearly ramping up attacks on arch-rival Jake Corman — continuing the trend of escalating attacks as they both edge closer to announcing gubernatorial runs. 

“The far-right field is so focused on proving their loyalty to Donald Trump instead of fighting for Pennsylvanians that they’re now attacking each other over who is a bigger believer of the Big Lie and harmful policies,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “While the extreme and unpopular candidates continue to champion equally extreme and unpopular views, Doug Mastriano and Jake Corman are all-in on attacking each other in a desperate bid to appeal to the far-right MAGA base. As the candidates try to distinguish themselves among a far-right field obsessed with Donald Trump, the only thing they’re making clear is that Pennsylvanians will never come first.”