Trump mega-donor Carla Sands’ big spending ensures this messy primary will continue to drag on

PENNSYLVANIA — The Philadelphia Inquirer reports Trump mega-donor Carla Sands has donated $3M to her campaign with $1M of that tabbed for her first ad buy. This spending comes in a race that has become defined by nasty infighting from a field that has failed to generate enthusiasm

In a sign of how much financial muscle she’s willing to flex, Republican Carla Sands has put $3 million of her own money into her U.S. Senate campaign, and is spending $1 million on a television ad introducing herself to Pennsylvania voters.

Sands’ investment comes after months of insider intrigue over how much of her substantial personal wealth she was willing to spend in her first campaign for elected office. Sands is a former Trump administration economic adviser and ambassador to Denmark.

This influx of cash means yet another player in what is already a messy GOP primary. Failed candidate Sean Parnell is the target of a six-figure ad buy highlighting past allegations from his ex-wife from a Jeff Bartos-supporting super PAC. Amidst this barrage, Parnell is also taking heat for comments he made downplaying accusations against accused sex offender Roy Moore. Parnell has called for Bartos to drop out of the race, calling him “an unserious man for serious times.”

Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Jack Doyle issued a statement: 

“Trump mega-donor Carla Sands pouring in money is sure to make this nasty primary even messier. This field has demonstrated at every turn that they are more interested in appealing to an extreme base and infighting instead of the issues that matter to the people of Pennsylvania.”