Mastriano called the Texas abortion ban “great news” he was “very excited and happy about”

PENNSYLVANIA — Controversial darling of the far-right Doug Mastriano continues his mission to champion extreme and unpopular views — and it’s clear he wants to turn Pennsylvania into the next Texas. Despite Mastriano’s eagerness to pass a Texas-style abortion ban in the Commonwealth, a federal judge just temporarily blocked the controversial law.

But in a move shocking to no one, Mastriano doubled down on his dangerous views in a recent Philadelphia Inquirer report saying, “My legislation will require physicians — before proceeding with an abortion — to determine whether the baby has a heartbeat. If the baby has a heartbeat, the abortion cannot be performed. No person with a beating heart, no matter how small, should be deprived of the fundamental right to life. […]”

Mastriano has been crystal clear on his anti-choice positions — WHYY’s Katie Meyer noted these views, highlighting that he said on his Facebook page that SCOTUS’ lack of action in blocking Texas’ abortion ban is “great news” and “a victory for States’ rights.” Mastriano also has commented to local media that he was “obviously very excited and happy about” the  Texas abortion ban and called on Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman to have the “courage” to push this legislation in Pennsylvania.

In the past, Mastriano also co-sponsored legislation that would effectively ban abortion after 6 weeks, with no “exemptions to the law for cases involving incest or rape.

“Doug Mastriano has made very clear what Pennsylvanians would get if he is in the governor’s office: a Texas-style abortion ban and the championing of unpopular far-right positions,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “Mastriano doesn’t care what the majority of Americans think, and he won’t care what Pennsylvanians think so long as Donald Trump and his MAGA base are happy. While Mastriano would be thrilled to turn Pennsylvania into the next Texas, we’re going to make sure we elect a Democratic governor who will focus on the challenges facing our Commonwealth.”