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AUDIO: IN WAGNER’S OWN WORDS: “You cannot let this severance tax get through so that it gets to the governor’s desk because if that happens the governor is going to get reelected.”

Now that Scott Wagner is running for governor, he wants Pennsylvanians to forget about his dreadful record of obstructing progress in Harrisburg, but there’s audio to remind everyone. In September of 2017, Wagner was caught on tape telling a crowd about how he killed the severance tax to hurt Governor Wolf’s re-election chances.  “Scott Wagner ... Read more

Egregiously False Anti-Wallace Ad Pulled From The Airwaves

“Brian Fitzpatrick follows Trump’s lead a lot more than he wants you to think,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Brendan Welch. “He’s voted with Trump 83% of the time, and he and his Washington cronies tell lies so egregious that they have to be taken off the air. Fitzpatrick is a typical Washington Republican who ... Read more

VIDEO: IN WAGNER’S OWN WORDS: “The other problem we have is – and this really angers me to a certain degree. We don’t tax retirement income in the state of Pennsylvania.”

Now that Scott Wagner is running for governor, he wants Pennsylvanians to forget about his dreadful record on seniors, but there’s video to remind everyone. Scott Wagner said that he wants to tax retirement income in Pennsylvania in January of 2016, and there is no disputing that.  “Scott Wagner is desperately trying to run from ... Read more

ICYMI: Erie Times-News: DiNicola Endorsed In 16th District

* We’ve found Kelly too willing, even eager, to help fuel the bitter polarization that poisons our politics and impedes addressing key issues. * What gives DiNicola the edge… is his emphasis on brokering common-sense, collaborative solutions on issues important to western Pennsylvania families and businesses, and building the coalitions that will be needed. * ... Read more

Paul Ryan And Brian Fitzpatrick Bring Their Anti-Working Family Agenda To Bucks And Montgomery Counties

Today, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party released the following statement on Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s day of campaigning with Speaker Paul Ryan. Ryan’s visit came on the heels of Washington Republican leadership openly admitting on multiple occasions that they want to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to pay for their tax scam. “It’s no surprise Paul ... Read more

New Audio: Scott Wagner Pathetically Defends Violent, Unhinged Rant Despite National, Bipartisan Criticism

Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner’s despicable rant in which he threatened physical violence against Governor Wolf has received widespread criticism from Democrats and Republicans across the country. Wagner, however, doesn’t seem to be getting the message. This week, Wagner pathetically attempted to defend his threat twice in one day. “Scott Wagner is in denial about ... Read more

Republicans, Democrats, & Pundits Agree On One Thing: Scott Wagner Is Running His Campaign Into The Ground

Following Scott Wagner’s unhinged, violent rant, politicos from both sides of the aisle across the country are holding nothing back when it comes to criticizing Wagner’s flailing campaign. At least we can credit Wagner for accomplishing one thing– successfully uniting Republicans and Democrats in agreement that Wagner is unfit for office. Check out the criticism ... Read more

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