In a move emblematic of their destructive agenda, out-of-touch Republican candidates for Governor still oppose the American Rescue Plan, even though it cut taxes and helped schools and businesses stay open.

PENNSYLVANIA — It has been one year since the signing of President Biden’s historic American Rescue Plan, and while Democrats remain committed to improving Pennsylvanians’ lives and growing our Commonwealth, Republicans still remain opposed to relief for families, schools, and small businesses across the state.

In the Governor’s race alone, the Republican candidates continue to criticize the legislation — with Bill McSwain, Dave White, and Lou Barletta taking their attacks a step further. McSwain vocally criticized the American Rescue Plan — which cut taxes for over a million Pennsylvania families — calling it, “the looting of the national treasury for the purpose of left-wing bailouts and progressive giveaways.” Dave White called the legislation “terrible” and said “it’s sinking us,” even though it provided billions of dollars in relief to small businesses and schools. Lou Barletta also joined the GOP chorus opposing this legislation, objecting to the ARP’s Child Tax Credit — which cut taxes for hardworking families.

“Instead of joining Democratic leaders in supporting lower costs for families, economic relief for communities, and resources to help students get back on track, the GOP candidates for Governor remain hellbent on opposing this aid. Their party’s agenda would raise taxes on over half of Americans and take away health coverage from Pennsylvanians,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “The contrast between Democrats’ plan of supporting working families and Republicans’ out-of-touch and devastating agenda couldn’t be clearer.”

While Democrats are working tirelessly to deliver for Pennsylvanians, here are some highlights from the GOP agenda: