Oz calls the bill that reduces drug prices & deficit, fights inflation, and takes on climate change “nothing” while claiming to have “concerns” about the bill

PENNSYLVANIA — The day after the Senate passed the historic Inflation Reduction Act, Mehmet Oz tweeted that the White House is doing “nothing” and saying he has “concerns” about the bill when asked specifically about it.

Here are just a few elements of the bill that Oz considers “nothing”:

  • Allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices, lowering drug prices for seniors and saving Medicare $100 billion over ten years
  • Caps seniors’ prescription drug out-of-pocket spending at $2,000 per year, which will lower costs for more than 1.4 million seniors. Provides additional copay assistance for low-income Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Provides three years of expanded ACA subsidies. Expanding ACA subsidies in the Democrats’ American Rescue Plan lowered health care costs for 13 million Americans, saving the average enrollee $800 in 2021. The IRA will continue those expanded subsidies through 2025.
  • Requires pharmaceutical companies to keep prices down by providing a rebate to Medicare if a drug price rises faster than inflation.
  • Requires corporations with more than $1 billion in profits to pay their fair share–a minimum tax of 15%.
  • A family making less than $400,000 will not pay one penny in additional taxes under this bill. The only entities paying more taxes are billion-dollar corporations and wealthy investment fund managers.
  • Provides consumer incentives to make the switch to energy-efficient home appliances and cars, including subsidies from low-income consumers and tax credits for other homeowners, lowering energy costs for Americans
  • Makes historic investments in domestic clean energy manufacturing and supply chain, ensuring everything from electric vehicles to solar panels to heat pumps can be made here in America, creating more than one million jobs.

Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Jack Doyle issued the following statement: 

“At no point in his entire life has Mehmet Oz ever done a thing to help the people of Pennsylvania, so it makes sense he’s unable to recognize it when someone else actually does. The Inflation Reduction Act is historic legislation that helps tackle drug prices, inflation, and climate change while reducing the deficit. This is a great example of why we need to maintain and expand the Democratic Senate majority and elect John Fetterman as our next Senator.”