“Will paint McCormick as a ruthless businessman who sold out Pennsylvania to China”

PENNSYLVANIANew reporting from the Washington Examiner features a new attack ad from the super PAC supporting Mehmet Oz aimed at Connecticut hedge fund executive David McCormick. The ads, which begin airing on television Thursday, “will paint McCormick as a ruthless businessman who sold out Pennsylvania to China.”

David McCormick[:] Wall Street And China Win Pennsylvania Loses

“Meet David McCormick. He’s a friend of China with a long record of selling us out. On Wall Street McCormick led a hedge fund that invested heavily in China, including a billion dollar Chinese investment fund. McCormick went to China and called them an ally. But it gets worse. As a CEO he was more like the Chief Executive Outsourcer. McCormick cut 50 Pennsylvania jobs, then created 100 new jobs overseas. Under McCormick’s failed leadership, American jobs were gutted. McCormick’s hedge fund took taxpayer money, pledging to create new jobs. Instead, they cut 150 jobs then laid off 200 more workers a few years later, and McCormick criticized President Trump’s efforts to get tough on China. No wonder Trump fired him. David McCormick. Wall Street and China win. Pennsylvania loses.”

Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Jack Doyle issued the following statement:

“Every day this primary descends into further chaos. Outside group involvement in this race has already contributed to the former frontrunner dropping out. This is going to be a messy, expensive primary and whichever Republican candidate ultimately limps out of this intra-party fight will be deeply out of step with the Pennsylvania voters who will decide the general election.”