State party continues its 2020 momentum with early, all-hands-on-deck investment in organizing, voter registration, and coalition-building to drive long-term success 

PENNSYLVANIA — Today, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party announced the launch of a massive digital and on-the-ground organizing program to register 125,000 voters by May of 2022.

With new hires in digital and traditional organizing, the state party’s organizing team will be larger than it has ever been in a non-presidential year. These organizers will primarily focus on engaging marginalized communities that are left out of the political process — including Black, rural, Hispanic, and AAPI communities. In addition to the new staffers’ person-to-person outreach, the state party will send pre-filled voter registration forms to potential voters via direct mail and digital targets. The first round of mailers will start landing in potential voters’ mailboxes today.

The party will also focus on activating and mobilizing the more than 30,000 volunteers who assisted the coordinated field program in 2020. When it is safe to do so, in-person organizing will also resume in partnership with county parties, campus organizations, and other partners.

“We are so proud to launch our voter registration campaign after months of planning,” said Nancy Patton Mills, Chairwoman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Thanks to the hard work of our leadership, staff, and volunteers, we ended 2020 in a strong position and didn’t miss a beat. Pennsylvania is the ultimate battleground state — and even small shifts here can make a big difference. That’s why our work to expand the Democratic electorate is so critical. Long-term success in the Keystone State is the best investment the Democratic Party can make.”

“While Pennsylvania Republicans are distracted by infighting and extremism, we are already meeting voters where they’re at and expanding our coalition,” said Jason Henry, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “We’re making sure we’re on the ground in Pennsylvania communities that need to hear from us long before any election. That’s how we build the party infrastructure to power Democratic wins in 2021, 2022 and beyond. If you believe in a democracy that works, if you believe in lending a helping hand to your neighbors, if you believe in investing in people, workers, and your community — you are seen, heard, and welcome in the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.”

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