Finally an honest campaign site for the out-of-touch millionaire scam artist

PENNSYLVANIA – As Mehmet Oz continues to demonstrate that he is an out of touch millionaire who doesn’t understand or care about hard working Pennsylvanians, today the Pennsylvania Democratic Party is releasing a new website to highlight who Oz is really fighting for: millionaires like himself. Visit the site at

The site will serve as an honest alternative to Oz’s campaign website and be a resource for voters looking to learn more about the real Mehmet Oz and his record, like: 

Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Jack Doyle issued the following statement: 

“Mehmet Oz is an out of touch millionaire who doesn’t know anything about what Pennsylvanians’ lives are actually like. This site will help voters learn the truth about him: he only cares about people like himself – millionaires with mansions in New Jersey and Palm Beach. In the Senate, he’d sell out Pennsylvania working families every chance he gets, and that’s why voters will reject him.”

More of what voters will see when they visit the site:

Explore the full “Oz for Millionaires” website here.