Oz has no more excuses for hiding his dangerous agenda

PENNSYLVANIA – New Jersey scam artist and out of touch millionaire Mehmet Oz has said he hasn’t read the GOP’s national abortion ban bill. In order to help him out, the PA Dems have mailed him copies of the bill. He can be hard to track down, given he has houses all over the world, so we sent copies to his mansions in New Jersey and Florida, as well as his campaign headquarters.

Now that he has the bill, Oz has no excuse for hiding his dangerous agenda.

Pennsylvania Democratic spokesperson Jack Doyle issued the following statement:

Oz has said he hasn’t read the GOP’s bill to ban abortion, so we thought we’d help him out by sending it to his mansions in New Jersey and Florida. Now he has no more excuses to hide his dangerous stance on the issue.

Oz would be a vote for this national abortion ban, and has called abortion at any stage of the pregnancy ‘murder’. Abortion rights are on the ballot in this election, and Pennsylvanians cannot trust Mehmet Oz to protect them.