PA Dems Chairwoman, Sen. Casey, and State Rep. Austin Davis connect with local families to highlight some of the 2.3+ million Pennsylvania children who will benefit from the expanded Child Tax Credit — which all GOP Senate hopefuls opposed

PENNSYLVANIA — Yesterday, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills, U.S. Senator Bob Casey and Rep. Austin Davis joined Pittsburgh parents for a virtual press conference to highlight the local impact of Democrats’ new tax cut for middle class families, which will start hitting bank accounts today. The parents emphasized that the tax cut of up to $300 per month, which no Republicans voted for and was opposed by Republican Senate candidates, will help make child care, health care and other expenses for middle class parents more affordable. Without a Democratic Senate, Congress, and White House, none of these parents would be getting these checks.

Read what they’re saying about yesterday’s PA Dems press call:

Pennsylvania Capital-Star, As child tax credit checks hit mailboxes, ‘I’m looking forward to having the safety net:

“Anything that can help us get our daughter into safe and accessible childcare is really important. And I know a lot of families aren’t able to do that,” Comans, of Wilkinsburg, Allegheny County, said during a virtual news conference organized by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “It’s really important that these kind of things continue to happen, so we can support those who are most vulnerable.”


“This direct aid is incredibly valuable – it’s going into the hands of parents who need it today,” said Yanakos, who hopes the credits will free her to return to being a “more contributing member of the paid workforce.

“Injecting capital directly to families who need this aid has a profound economic impact,” she continued. “No matter your political affiliation, investing in children is the best path to do this.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, With child tax credits on the way, Pa. Dems call out Republicans who voted against American Rescue Plan

Democrats in Pennsylvania marked the arrival of the payments by reminding voters that no Republican voted for the American Rescue Plan, hoping to use it as political ammo ahead of the U.S. Senate race here next year.


In their messaging on Wednesday, Democrats brought case studies.

Joining the state party and Mr. Casey were three mothers from Western Pennsylvania who spoke about the struggle to afford childcare and their inability to work as many hours as they’d like as a result. They spoke of how the tax credit will help them replenish their savings, offset childcare costs and get them back to work.


Today during a virtual call with Pennsylvania’s Democratic leaders, Senator Bob Casey said after years of corporate tax breaks, families deserve something as well.”


This is a unique moment in time where finally at long last, after generations of Democrats, and even once in a while Republican leaders, saying that we should invest in families, we’re finally doing it.” – Sen. Bob Casey