Our Party

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party is dedicated to electing public servants fighting for the Democratic ideal that, in America, everyone has a right to go as far as their natural abilities and perseverance will take them.

Our principles are grounded in effective governance, inclusiveness and being champions for hard working Pennsylvanians. We believe that every person — no matter who they are or where they come from — deserves a fair shot at success. That is why our party — the party of Presidents Roosevelt, Kennedy, Clinton and Obama — fights every day for quality education, accessible health care and good paying jobs.

The growth and success of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party over the last 50 years has shown that citizens around the Commonwealth share these principles and will elect leaders who govern accordingly. We’re here to turn their voices into action and to create a better tomorrow for all.

Learn more about our history, meet our leaders, and learn how to get involved. What are you waiting for? Help us make history again– get involved with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party today.