The Economy

Too many of Pennsylvania’s workers are falling behind thanks to economic policies that only benefit Republicans’ ultra-wealthy donors. While wages grow at a snails’ pace, the cost of housing, education, and childcare is skyrocketing, and the typical PA family is left with less buying power each year.

Senator Casey, Governor Wolf, and the rest of our Democratic leaders champion policies that bring good jobs into Pennsylvania. Moreover, they proudly stand with organized labor and fight for  legislation that will increase middle-class wages.

Our leaders also realize that corporations and the wealthy haven’t been paying their fair share. We believe in raising taxes on the ones who can afford it and closing corporate loopholes, allowing us to reinvest in middle-class workers.

Finally, PA Democrats believe in equal pay for equal work. That’s why Governor Wolf acted to ensure equal pay for state-employed women, while Democrats in the legislature fight to expand those protections statewide.

A vote for PA Democrats is a vote for more jobs, higher wages, and fairer taxes.


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