2/3rds of Pennsylvanians Support Calling Witnesses

PENNSYLVANIA – Last week, a new poll by the Public Policy Polling revealed that nearly 2/3rds of Pennsylvania voters want him to vote to call witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial. After some reports indicated that Toomey was interested in a one-for-one witness swap, Toomey yesterday said those reports were not true and that he will continue to refuse to support the calling of witnesses.

“Once again, Pat Toomey has chosen to do the bidding of Mitch McConnell rather than work in the best interests of Pennsylvania,” said Beth Melena, senior communications advisor for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Why is Pat Toomey so scared of hearing from witnesses? Pennsylvanians want Toomey to support a fair trial, but it’s clear Toomey is intent on following every whim of Mitch McConnell in order to protect this corrupt president.”

Pennsylvanians from all over are writing their local papers to express their disapproval of Senator Toomey. Here’s what they’re saying:

Thomas Wallitsch, Salisbury Township, Retired Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas Judge. “As someone who has spent years supporting the rule of law here and in countries like Afghanistan and Ukraine, I am greatly concerned about its future in this country. If the Republican senators do not permit a full public disclosure of the facts of Trump’s actions, our nation will not understand what is at risk in this impeachment trial. It appears that Senator Toomey and virtually every other Republican senator are more concerned about the next election than the oaths they took before the trial started. Many of your readers have appeared before me and took an oath to do impartial justice; I believe those jurors obeyed their oaths. Senator Toomey should be reminded that, if he does not fulfill his, he will be held accountable.” [The Morning Call, 1/27/20]

William Agnew, Bushkill Township: “U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey at this time appears to have a closed mind not to allow the hearing of witnesses and production of written evidence in the impeachment trial before the Senate. He has attached himself to the hip of President Trump with the apparent hope of Trump being re-elected and gaining his help toward Toomey’s successful re-election bid in 2022.” [Lehigh Times-Express, 1/29/20]

Gregory Hand, Manheim Township: “Sen. Pat Toomey and some of his colleagues have been reported to have complained that they have heard nothing new in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. Perhaps that’s because they so far have refused the request of Democrats to call the most relevant and direct witnesses — witnesses whom the president has directed not to testify. One historian has said hypocrisy lies at the heart of American democracy. Toomey and his colleagues remind me how little has changed and how little we’ve learned.” [LNP, 1/29/20]

Joe Conway, West Reading: “I hope that [Toomey] does not hide in plain view, keeping his thoughts to himself until he casts the cowardly vote to please the president and aid McConnell’s cover-up. Toomey should stand up for right, follow the evidence and demand witnesses that have firsthand testimony. We need to know the truth and oppose evil. Toomey must stop being a coward and covering up the truth.” [Reading Eagle, 1/29/20]

John Sigle, Carlisle, former Dickinson College professor, “A letter to Sen. Pat Toomey- McConnell has also said that he intends to call no witnesses. Again, that isn’t right. To hold a full and fair trial, the senate must call several crucial witnesses, including John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Mick Mulvaney, Mike Pence, and Rick Perry. Anything less will be a sham trial….You, together with only three of your GOP Senate colleagues, working with the Democrats, constitute a majority, which can control the rules and prevent a sham trial. It’s time to be a statesman in the best traditions of the senate.” [PennLive, 12/18/19]

Lynn Strauss, West Chester: “Patriotic citizens will vote against you [Pat Toomey] in droves for your betrayal of oath of office regardless of if you run for senator, governor or dogcatcher. By 2022, if we still have elections, we will be even more organized, even madder, and out to remove those who voted against the United States of America, who voted against democracy, who voted for corruption. Truth matters. Right matters.” [Delco Times, 1/25/20]