PENNSYLVANIA –  Today, Pennsylvania Democratic Party chair Nancy Patton Mills issued the following statement on Labor Day: 

“Today, we celebrate the women and men of organized labor and the unions that built the American middle class. These heroes fought for better wages, dignified working conditions, and benefits that workers deserve. Sadly, that progress remains under attack by Donald Trump and Republicans at every level. Trump’s anti-worker, anti-union agenda is making life harder for Pennsylvania families just trying to make ends meet.

Thankfully, in less than 60 days, we have a chance to get our country back on track with a vote for Joe Biden. Vice President Biden is the only candidate who will incentivize collective bargaining and ensure that workers are treated with the dignity they deserve. The safety and economic well-being of our workers is on the line on November 3rd.” 


  • Trump has issued multiple executive orders that restrict federal unions’ ability to represent their members. Some of the provisions included in the orders include reducing union release time and kicking unions out of their offices in government buildings.
  • Trump has gotten rid of several OSHA safety standards and reduced the number of investigations that OSHA is taking part in.
  • Trump has used the NLRB to crack down on on unionization and issue anti-labor decisions. 
  • Trump erroneously said workers in Ohio could have saved a plant closure by lowering union dues.
  • Trump has undermined programs that ensure workplace safety and support job training for workers.


There are three easy and convenient ways to vote in Pennsylvania this fall—by mail, early in-person, or on Election Day!

Request your ballot or make your plan to vote in person through the PA Dems' Voting Center.