Pennsylvania Democrats Unite at 2024 Winter State Committee Meeting in Harrisburg, Solidifying Party Unity through Key Endorsements

Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania Democrats from all 67 counties gathered in Harrisburg for the Winter State Committee Meeting, where they cast their votes to determine the Party’s endorsements for key statewide primary races in the upcoming 2024 election. These crucial endorsements pertained to candidates running for U.S. President, U.S. Senate, Auditor General, and Treasurer positions.

“I am pleased and proud that democracy was served yesterday in Pennsylvania. We had over 340 State Committee Members voting today. Those members overwhelmingly voted to endorse Malcolm Kenyatta for Auditor General. This shows that the Pennsylvania Democratic Party is embracing young candidates, diverse candidates, LGBTQ+ candidates. We embraced Ryan Bizzarro for Treasurer who comes from the opposite corner of the state. Both Malcolm and Ryan are proven legislators with a track record of leadership. We had a strong group of candidates for Attorney General although there was no endorsement. Critically, we unanimously endorsed President Joe Biden and Senator Bob Casey because it is imperative for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States as a whole that they both get reelected.” Chairman Senator Sharif Street

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