Rural Caucus

Pennsylvania has the greatest number of rural voters within the United States, residing in the area of Pennsylvania often referred to as the “T”.

The Pennsylvania Democratic Rural Caucus, established in 2015 as a constituency caucus of the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee, with a main goal to increase Democratic representation in all levels of government within the “T” while also facilitating election of Democratic candidates to state and national offices. As a function of this goal, the Caucus seeks to learn, understand, and advance issues of importance to rural Pennsylvanians.

Membership is open to all members of State Committee and associate membership to any registered Democrat in Pennsylvania. Meetings are held in conjunction with all State Committee meetings and other times as requested by members. Given the travel distances involved, some meetings can be participated by phone.

Members do stay in contact through emails and the Caucus has a Facebook Page, Rural Caucus of PA Democrats, in which members are invited to participate. There is also a Facebook Page, Rural PA Democrats, open for public view and comment.

Caucus Leadership

Current caucus leadership consists of the following members:

Position Name
Chair Jeff Eggleston
Vice Chair