Senior Caucus


The Purpose of the Senior Caucus is:

  • Giving a united voice within State Committee to all Senior Democrats Statewide;
  • Seeking out, endorsing, promoting and supporting Democratic senior candidates and/or candidates sensitive to senior issues to run for political office;
  • Assisting the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee in developing strategies for advocating Senior Values as part of its ongoing agenda;
  • Monitoring and advocating the Democratic Party’s progress toward implementing its stated commitment to Senior Values and issues in the formation of policy and the conduct of the Democratic Party;
  • Recommending means by which national, state, and local Democratic Party organizations can develop effective senior programs with specific goals and timetables for achieving results;
  • Establishing networks for the development of grassroots support of the senior values and issues of the Democratic Party;
  • Channeling resources to aid in the achievement of the aforementioned objectives;
  • Taking such other actions as may be necessary and proper to carry out the provisions of these goals and objectives and our Bylaws.


Chairman: Bradley Kirsch
Vice Chair:


Elected Members of PA State Committee may join the Senior Caucus and our membership also includes all Registered Democrats should they choose to join as Associate Senior Caucus members and who may attend scheduled meetings as non-voting members and aid our other efforts.


In order to facilitate caucus communications, we are asking that enrolled members and alternate Members of our caucus send emails to: These emails should contain a header message stating they are for the Senior Caucus. No attachments will be accepted– please insert all information into the main body of the email. These emails as appropriate will be sent to all members for review and discussion of issues pertaining to our bylaws and duties.

For phone inquiries, please contact: the Chairman, Bradley Kirsch (215) 675-1106

Past State Committee Resolutions

June 14, 2013