PENNSYLVANIA — As President Biden comes to Philadelphia today to highlight his administration’s actions to protect the sacred, constitutional right to vote, he’ll have a record of six months of successes and accomplishments he can already point to in order to highlight his success. 

On the economic front, President Biden and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan and the President’s unprecedented vaccine efforts have successfully brought the pandemic under control and put Pennsylvania’s economy back on track to rebuild from the bottom up and the middle out. And on the crucial issue of voting rights, President Biden has shown that he will use every tool at his disposal to protect the fundamental right of Americans against the onslaught of laws that would make it harder to vote. Even as Republicans across the commonwealth continue to amplify the Big Lie and attack our voting rights, the Biden Administration is working to strengthen voting rights for all Americans.

After just five months in office, President Biden has delivered historic progress for American families and the American economy:

The U.S. economy added more than two million jobs since President Biden took office – the most in the first four months of any administration in history. 2021 is expected to be the strongest year for the economy in possibly seven decades.

-Since President Biden took office, the average number of new unemployment claims has been cut in half. 

-America has created an average of 540,000 jobs each month since the President was sworn in – the fastest rate in history. 

-This time last year, the Fed projected 5% growth in 2021. Now, they have revised that up to 7% — which would be the fastest economic expansion in nearly 40 years.

-A year ago, the Fed said we’d end 2021 with 6.5% unemployment . Now, they’re projecting 4.5% unemployment – a full two percentage point drop.

-Many Pennsylvania families will receive checks of up to $3,600 for each child under 18 starting this week, thanks to the Child Tax Credit in the ARP.

-500,000 jobs are being created a month. That is eight times more than the last three months of the prior administration.

The Biden Administration’s has fought to protect the fundamental right to vote: 

-In March, President Biden announced his strong support for the ‘For The People Act,’ landmark legislation that is urgently needed repair and strengthen our democracy.

-This legislation promises to to:

  • rein in the outrageous gerrymandering that distorts our democracy. 
  • Empower the Justice Department to crack down on laws that curtail voting rights along racial lines. 
  • Reform our campaign finance system to amplify the voices of the people — not the powerful. 
  • Modernize and secure our future elections against all manner of threats.

– President Biden’s Department of Justice has fought to protect Americans’ right to vote from Republican power grabs in states across the country, including suing the State of Georgia to stop its harmful voting legislation from going into effect. 

  • The Administration is also preparing to launch similar suits in other states.

– The Department of Justice has also launched a task force to address politically-motivated threats against voting officials in states across the country.