As the House continues to investigate the insurrection, a reminder that Oz prioritized Trump over what’s best for Pennsylvanians 

PENNSYLVANIA – Ahead of tonight’s hearings investigating the January 6th insurrection, we wanted to remind everyone of Oz’s comments slamming the U.S. House committee’s investigation:

“I’m not happy with the fact that we’re dragging the president through the mud on this. It seems extremely partisan,” Oz said, according to a transcript obtained by the Capital-Star. “And I think the American people appreciate that. You don’t have a jury by your peers.”

” … We have shootings that make everybody wonder what is going on here. This could be a third world nation with the way we’re dealing with murderers in our streets,” Oz continued. “And all that’s happening and you know, and we’re being pulled to the side and distracted on primetime television, with hearings that are designed to do just one thing, which is to attack one half of the political spectrum.”

These comments are especially damning in light of the “bombshell” testimony these hearings have produced, and are just the latest example of Oz prioritizing the appeasement of Trump over what is best for Pennsylvanians. During the primary, Oz elevated baseless conspiracy theories around the 2020 election, all in an attempt to suck up to Trump.