PENNSYLVANIA – Donald Trump’s obsession with the Big Lie has spread to the far-right gubernatorial candidates in Pennsylvania – they continue to spread lies and dangerous conspiracy theories instead of addressing the issues that matter, and it’s put them on a crash course that has Republicans across the country worried. As the New York Times reported this week, even GOP leaders like Mitch McConnell are scared that Trump’s incessant focus on non-existent election fraud will cost them in upcoming elections.

While the midterm elections are still a year away, the Trumpian field in the gubernatorial race is scrambling to please the former president by embracing every far-right litmus test thrown their way, including irresponsible fraudits and the Big Lie. 

Despite not prosecuting a single case of voter fraud in 2020, former U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain wrote a desperate letter to Donald Trump seeking his endorsement and supporting the false claims of voter fraud. Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr deemed this letter “just false.” 

Doug Mastriano used the Big Lie to gain more credibility among the far-right and he continues to champion the Big Lie at every turn. He was even present for the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol alongside the Pennsylvanians who he spent thousands of dollars to bus there.

Lou Barletta has also eagerly championed the Big Lie, spreading the false claims of voter fraud and even accepted an endorsement from conspiracy theorist Rose Tennent who participated in the insurrection and defended the attack.

While Democrats including Pennsylvania Attorney General and newly announced gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro focus on the future, Republicans are stuck in the past – focusing on Donald Trump’s Big Lie over the issues that matter most to Pennsylvanians.

“The Republican candidates for governor are locked in a race to the bottom focused on the Big Lie and Trumpian litmus tests – and now even other Republicans are worried that their complete obsession will cost them next November,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “One week after Attorney General Shapiro launched his campaign, the contrast is clear – Shapiro is focused on putting Pennsylvanians first, while the far-right Republicans running in the “Super MAGA” primary remain committed to an entirely different mission – championing Donald Trump’s Big Lie.”