Hold Republicans Accountable

Contact Your Republican Congressmen

Together, we can hold Republicans in Washington accountable and demand legislation in line with our values.

Click here to see who your Congressperson is, and contact Congressional Republicans with the information below.

Sen. Pat Toomey
Call Pat: 202-224-4254
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Mike Fitzpatrick

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick
Call Brian: 202-225-4276
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Rep. Dan Meuser
Call Dan: 202-225-6511
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Representative Perry

Rep. Scott Perry
Call Scott: 202-225-5836
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Representative Smucker

Rep. Lloyd Smucker
Call Lloyd: 202-225-2411
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Rep. John Joyce
Call John: 202-225-2431
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Rep. Guy Reschenthaler
Call Guy: 202-225-2065
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Representative G.T. Thompson

Rep. Glenn Thompson
Call Glenn: 202-225-5121
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Representative Kelly

Rep. Mike Kelly
Call Mike: 202-225-5406
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Contact Your Republican Legislators

Together, we can hold the Republicans in our state capitol accountable and demand progressive legislation that’s in line with our Democratic values.

Contact Republican state leadership below. Then, click here to find your local representatives.

Jake Corman, Senate R. Leader
Call Jake: 717-787-1377
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Mike Turzai, House Speaker
Call Mike: 717-772-9943
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Bryan Cutler, House R. Leader
Call Bryan: 717-284-1965
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