Joe Gale is attacking Doug Mastriano over his integrity. Doug Mastriano is attacking Bill McSwain over his failure to defend Donald Trump. The battle to be the PA Apprentice heats up.

PENNSYLVANIA — The Republican candidates in the “Super MAGA” primary are turning on each other, throwing each other under the bus to appease Donald Trump and the far-right. From attacking the integrity of their primary opponents to slamming another for failing to defend Donald Trump and do enough to question the 2020 election results, it’s clear the Republican primary will be a race to the bottom.

Let’s break down the early jabs in the fight to become Trump’s next PA Apprentice:

Doug Mastriano & Bill Barr vs. Bill McSwain

In his ongoing fight against reality, Doug Mastriano is attacking newly announced PA-Gov candidate and former U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain for not doing enough to champion their shared election conspiracy theories and fight for their boss, Donald Trump.

Doug Mastriano is a proven champion of the Big Lie, he attended the January 6 insurrection and spent thousands to bus supporters to the Capitol. Now, Mastriano is making it clear that Bill McSwain failed to fight the results of the 2020 presidential election. Bill McSwain claims that it’s Bill Barr’s fault that as U.S. Attorney, he didn’t prosecute a single case of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Sadly for McSwain, Bill Barr called that out as “just false” and Doug Mastriano agrees — placing the blame squarely on McSwain and criticising his lack of action saying all he did was share a letter after the fact explaining how, “he had the opportunity to help Trump but he didn’t.”

Joe Gale vs. Doug Mastriano

After Associated Press reporter Mark Scolforo uncovered that the academic press that published Mastriano’s book will be reissuing it with corrections, fellow GOP contestant Joe Gale tweeted mocking Doug Mastriano for “cutting corners” highlighting his record of lies and broken promises, even calling him Doug “Mail-In” Mastriano. Gale’s attacks on Mastriano are nothing new though, he ran radio ads calling out Mastriano for voting for Act 77 in 2019 that Gale claims “ended up destroying Donald Trump’s bid for reelection,” and said in a recent interview, “the last thing we need is a guy that is part of the problem in a higher office.” Sidenote, Gale also threw in an attack on “Loser Lou” Barletta for good measure.

Lou Barletta vs. Bill McSwain

As McSwain tried to dodge reporters at his campaign launch, Lou Barletta was firing off subtweets about McSwain’s lack of support in his home county. As McSwain launched his campaign, Barletta announced an endorsement from a West Goshen Township Supervisor in Chester County. 

“More than a year out from when the winner of Trump’s PA Apprentice will be announced, the PA-Gov candidates are already turning on each other in a desperate attempt to please Donald Trump,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “It’s clear that this race isn’t about Pennsylvanians, it’s about whatever Trumpian litmus test will please the “Super MAGA” right, whether it’s extreme views on the Big Lie or reproductive rights. This ugly primary is only going to get worse from here and Pennsylvanians will be the ones who pay the price.”