Far-right candidates for Governor Lou Barletta, Joe Gale, Charlie Gerow, Melissa Hart, Bill McSwain, Dave White, and Nche Zama are all set to participate in a forum hosted by anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ+ group, the PA Family Institute.

PENNSYLVANIA — While four of the GOP candidates for Governor just outlined their criteria to ensure they face “no mean questions” and can avoid media scrutiny throughout the primary, the GOP candidates are eager to attend a forum hosted by an extreme conservative group that wants to restrict abortion and fight against LGBTQ+ equality. Recently, a number of the Republican candidates also came under fire for attending events hosted by an “extreme anti-government group” — in addition to their campaigning with insurrectionists and conspiracy theorists.

“The same week GOP candidates for Governor unveiled their criteria for avoiding tough questions and real debates, seven of the far-right Republican primary candidates are now participating in a forum hosted by a group that holds extreme anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-choice views,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “While it’s clear the ‘Trump Primary’ candidates have found their preferred audience, Pennsylvanians deserve better than the extreme and out-of-touch Republicans they will see on stage this evening.”

Here are some of the many extreme positions held by the PA Family Institute:

  • Outlawing abortion: “We need you to take action in anticipation of this expected anti-life court ruling. The remedy: an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution to preserve and protect life.”
  • Anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination protections: “Discrimination laws are supposed to be shields from invidious discrimination, but [sexual orientation and gender identity/expression] laws are used as swords to punish good people and ministries for their beliefs about human sexuality. Employees or business owners who recognize the two biological sexes or that believe in traditional marriage would be treated by law as equivalent to those holding racist beliefs.”
  • Anti-Marriage Equality: “Family starts with a healthy marriage between one man and one woman, who raise their children in an intentional and loving home. Not only does this align with God’s design for sexuality and family, but studies have proven time and again that they are key to a flourishing culture and society.”