Videos show Oz has a long, loving relationship with alleged “pyramid scheme” company

PENNSYLVANIA – Today the Associated Press published a groundbreaking report around Mehmet Oz’s long time relationship with alleged “pyramid scheme” company Usana. See below for a sample of the video evidence demonstrating the close ties between scam artist Oz and this shady multi-level marketing company 

  • Oz praising Usana as “a trusted partner of the show,” recommending one of its supplements (12/12/17)
  • Oz said he was “proud to be associated with Usana” (2/9/22)

I am proud to be associated with Usana, because I know they’ll always put their customer first.

  • Oz had a segment on his show touting Usana’s partnership and the quality of its products (5/24/15)

It’s been my pleasure to collaborate with many of Usana’s key staff, and I’ve found them to be highly professional and capable.

  • Oz said he was “proud” to have Usana as a “trusted sponsor” of the show (6/9/20)

We’re proud to have Usana as one of our trusted sponsors

  • Oz referred to Usana as a “trusted sponsorship partner,” while a Usana guest promoted their products (5/18/19)

You’re all happy with it. Are you all happy so far? All right. The audience approves, but what do dermatologists think? Here to tell us more is Dr. Jennifer Lee who is here on behalf of my trusted and sponsorship partner, USANA Health Sciences.”

  • Oz spoke with, and praised, Usana’s CEO (5/21/12)
  • Oz Participated In A Q & A At The 2021 Usana Asia Pacific Virtual Convention (4/26/21)

And my entire staff at the show is deeply in love with everything Usana is up to

  • Oz rolled onstage to the Usana annual convention in a plastic bubble (8/18/18)
  • Oz entered the Usana International Convention by being lowered from the ceiling by a cable (8/27/16)
  • Oz danced onstage at the Usana Convention (8/22/15)