Week In Review: Recapping All The Negative News For Mehmet Oz This Week

The New Jersey fraud continues to prove why Pennsylvanians don’t trust him

PENNSYLVANIA — This was another brutal week for New Jersey fraud Mehmet Oz. It can be hard to keep all his scandals straight, so we did our best to collect them into one place.

Most notably, new reporting from the Daily Beast revealed that New Jersey fraud Mehmet Oz owns a secret New Jersey condo he did not release in his financial disclosure:

Bergen County records show that since 2006 Oz and his wife have owned the condominium in the borough of Fairview, a seven-minute drive from their mansion overlooking the Hudson River, where the county sent the unit’s property tax bill as recently as this year. Yet this apartment is oddly absent from the otherwise exhaustive disclosure Oz made in April as a candidate for the U.S. senator from Pennsylvania.

The report also showed Oz listed his New Jersey mansion address on multiple campaign donation forms, and that his campaign’s FEC report showed multiple stops for gas in Princeton, New Jersey.  

Oz’s Cliffside Park, New Jersey, mansion’s address appears in late 2021 on multiple campaign donation forms: one giving $5,800 to Team Herschel Inc. in support of Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, and two for a total donation of $5,800 to New Jersey Republican House candidate Tom Kean Jr.

His latest FEC report showed stops for gas in Princeton, New Jersey, four times over the past quarter. Like many New Jerseyans, he’s a devout New York Yankees fan, once calling his New York Yankees cap his “sartorial essential.”

In happier news for Oz, he was officially nominated for the New Jersey Hall of Fame by his hometown congressman, Rep. Bill Pascrell of New Jersey’s 9th district.

Oz previously participated in a New Jersey Hall of Fame induction, going as far as suggesting he hoped to be inducted himself one day. The news even got picked up in Oz’s home state press.