PENNSYLVANIA — Since winning the Republican nomination for Governor, Doug Mastriano has faced immense backlash from prominent figures in his own party. From state representatives to federal officials, it’s clear that even Mastriano’s fellow Republicans agree that he is too extreme for Pennsylvania. 

Less than a week into the general election, Mastriano, the most dangerous gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania history, is facing stiff criticism even from his own party calling out his extreme and out-of-touch agenda.

Check out some of the attention Mastriano’s getting as an “unelectable,” “QAnon-Loving Election Denier” — both from Pennsylvania Republicans and Republicans across the country:


Former Republican Congressman from Pennsylvania’s 15th Congressional District said that “Mastriano’s nomination as GOP candidate for Governor is a complete catastrophe for Republicans in Pennsylvania.” Dent continued by calling Mastriano “extreme” and warned that if elected Governor, he would, “be able to appoint the secretary of state who can do all kinds of terrible things.” Dent also said that “we should be celebrating the leaders who embrace democratic values and principles, you know, free press, independent judiciary, real elections, and not these folks who are backsliding.” 


“We are going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in Pennsylvania with Doug Mastriano,” said David Urban, a former Trump campaign adviser who helped him win Pennsylvania in 2016. Urban also said that Mastriano is “out of step with where Pennsylvania Republican voters traditionally have been.” Urban pointed out how difficult it will be for Mastriano to win the race, saying that “I just think it’s pushing a big rock up the hill for Doug Mastriano, with the views he’s espoused, with what he’s saying now, where he was on January 6th…”


Even Mastriano’s own running mate, Republicans’ Lieutenant Governor nominee and State Representative Carrie DelRosso, disagreed with his extreme election lies and proposals. When asked if she would support Mastriano’s plan to have all Pennsylvania voters re-register to vote DelRosso disagreed and said, “I’m not sure if that’s the answer.”


Other Republicans, like former Congressman Francis Rooney, have also been outspoken in their fears of Mastriano as Governor. When asked his thoughts about Mastriano winning the Governor’s race and having the power to appoint the Secretary of State, Rooney said that, “I think it would be a disaster to have that guy as governor, to continue this election challenge narrative, and we need to put it past us and move on in this country.”