GOP raises “alarm bell” as Oz flounders

PENNSYLVANIA – After another week of scandals for the fraud Mehmet Oz, Republican operatives across the country are beginning to panic about their Pennsylvania senate candidate from New Jersey.

Just today, both New York Magazine and Politico published new reporting highlighting how pessimistic the GOP has become on Oz’s chances.

New York MagazineWhat the Hell Is Going on With Dr. Oz’s Senate Campaign?

Puck is reporting the former TV personality was in Palm Beach, Florida, until June 9 at least, not holding his first post-primary event until June 10. Oz reportedly also traveled to Ireland to visit family at the end of June and did not return until early July.

The trips have allegedly frustrated the National Republican Senatorial Committee and even former President Donald Trump, who endorsed Oz during the close Republican primary, according to Puck.

PoliticoAlarm bell’: GOP reassures donors despite Oz struggles

The GOP establishment is feeling down on Dr. Oz.

The Senate Republicans’ campaign arm is privately sounding the alarm about physician Mehmet Oz’s bid for the Senate in the critical battleground of Pennsylvania…The National Republican Senatorial Committee raised concerns about Oz’s lackluster polling and fundraising on at least three separate occasions in recent weeks, multiple sources told POLITICO.

On a donor call last week that focused on Senate races throughout the country, NRSC officials discussed Oz’s poor performance in polls, including his high unfavorability ratings, said a person on the call.

“It was an alarm bell,” the person said, adding that Oz’s poor image among voters is “really freaking everybody out.”

The concern from Republicans comes after a long period of scandals for the New Jersey fraud. 

Just this week it was revealed that New Jersey fraud Mehmet Oz owns a secret New Jersey condo he did not release in his financial disclosure

Additionally, Oz was officially nominated for the New Jersey Hall of Fame by his hometown congressman, which came after news broke that Oz had participated in a New Jersey Hall of Fame induction. A GOP county leader even said “Oz fits in better in Manhattan than in Pennsylvania.” It was also reported that Oz has never had a hunting license in Florida, despite bragging about hunting in the Sunshine State during the primary

As if that all wasn’t enough, Oz spent the first days of the general election in Florida delivering “keynote remarks at a meeting for a lobbying group that supports multi-level marketing — a haven for pyramid schemes” and it was revealed he owns properties around the world, while his residency in Pennsylvania is unclear.