“‘McCormick says he did eliminate 40 to 50 Pittsburgh jobs”

PENNSYLVANIA — Now that the Connecticut hedge fund executive David McCormick has officially announced his entrance into the “chaotic” GOP Senate primary, the rest of the GOP field has wasted no time in launching their attacks. In addition to a Mehmet Oz-supporting super PAC already running ads hitting McCormick on his ties to China and history of cutting PA jobs, McCormick has struggled to answer questions about his history of outsourcing Pennsylvania jobs and if he thinks Biden fairly won the election.

See what they’re (still) saying below:

  • KDKADavid McCormick interview with Jon Delano“Winning Trump’s endorsement means not contradicting him when he claims to have won reelection and the state of Pennsylvania..McCormick will need to defend himself against attacks from fellow Republicans, including an Oz-supporting super PAC that accuses McCormick of outsourcing Pittsburgh jobs…McCormick says he did eliminate 40 to 50 Pittsburgh jobs.”
  • Philadelphia InquirerRepublican ‘carpetbagger’ candidates for U.S. Senate take heat from primary competitors“I think it’s very interesting that the three carpetbaggers who are in this race, who have galloped into our state, saying they’re going to listen to us and work for us and yet they’re not here at all because they don’t care about you,” [Kathy Barnette] said. “These very wealthy people are going to phone it in from their penthouses.”
  • Fox NewsPA GOP Senate Battle: David McCormick returns fire, calls on Dr. Oz to ‘renounce’ Turkish citizenship: “Even before McCormick’s campaign launch, a pro-Oz super PAC blasted him over Bridgewater Associates’ major investments in China. McCormick joined the hedge fund behemoth a dozen years ago and helped steer Bridgewater Associates from 2017 through the end of last year. The fund has made major investments in China…And minutes after news broke of McCormick’s entry into the race, Oz campaign manager Casey Contres charged that ‘Beijing’s favorite candidate David McCormick’s deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party aren’t just problematic, they are dangerous.'”
  • Philadelphia’s Morning Answer with Chris Stigall“This from Politico, Dave McCormick, Reading this from Politico now. Dave McCormick has been quoted bashing populism, celebrating skilled immigration and even warning about potential drawbacks of an America first mindset . Former hedge fund CEO, he’s overseen more than one billion in investments in China , none of it is apparent from his Senate campaign website, which says people are asking him to run to represent America First values.”
  • Fox News, “So you’ve returned now to Pennsylvania, and I’m curious how much it has sort of changed since you had left in the 2005 area.”’