Either McSwain is trying to fool Trump about receiving “various allegations of fraud,” or he lied to Pennsylvanians about doing his job. 

PENNSYLVANIA — Bill McSwain’s desperate love letter to Donald Trump makes one thing abundantly clear — he’s willing to twist himself into a Philly pretzel and shamelessly lie to advance his own political career. The question now is who is he lying to: Donald Trump or the people of Pennsylvania? 

In a letter asking for Trump’s endorsement written seven months after the 2020 Election — and five months after he stepped down as U.S. Attorney — McSwain stated for the first time ever that he received “various allegations of voter fraud and election irregularities.” But as U.S. Attorney, he did not prosecute a single 2020 voter fraud case despite promising to “act promptly and aggressively” — and he still hasn’t pointed to any credible allegations to back up his new beliefs. 

McSwain has dodged questions and ignored reporters for months about whether he believes the Big Lie and Donald Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud, but it’s now clear he’s been busy parroting those same lies in an attempt to suck up to Trump in private. 

“Bill McSwain’s words are clearly meaningless — one day he’s Pat Toomey’s protege and the next he’s Donald Trump’s lackey,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Brendan Welch. “Either McSwain is lying to Donald Trump because there aren’t any credible allegations of fraud, or he lied to Pennsylvanians when he refused to do his job as U.S. Attorney. McSwain’s letter raises many more questions than it answers — but one thing we know for sure is that Bill McSwain is lying to someone.”

McSwain says he “know[s] the truth,” but he’s lying to someone. Either there was no voter fraud to find and he’s gaslighting Donald Trump to earn his endorsement, or he lied to the people of Pennsylvania when he told them he would “act promptly and aggressively” to protect their votes.