PENNSYLVANIA — Doug Mastriano’s attempt to manufacture a Pennsylvania “fraudit” of the 2020 election is based on lies and conspiracy theories, but that hasn’t kept Harrisburg Republican leadership from staying silent or openly playing footsie with the idea. While Republican counties have rejected Mastriano’s requests to compromise voting machines and acquire sensitive voter information, the path forward involves subpoenas issued by Mastriano’s Intergovernmental Affairs committee.

One of the Republicans on the committee? Jake Corman, the top Republican in the PA Senate. While his office has tried to stay silent and turned away reporters at the door who seek to ask his thoughts on the fraudit, here’s what he had to say when ABC23 caught him at an unrelated event last week:

“There’s been a lot of questions. Certainly, my constituents call me on a regular basis. But there’s also a lot of questions about how an audit can and should be done, if one’s going to be done. And so we’re trying to work a lot of those bugs out. Trying to review what’s going on in Arizona. It’s always sort of good to learn from other states, right?”

If Corman is going to wink at the idea of a costly, wasteful, bogus PA fraudit, we deserve a straight answer from him: will he vote to subpoena counties for Mastriano’s fraudit or not?